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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

If you’re reading this first post you probably already know us personally or follow us on Instagram.. so we won't bore you with long introductions, we'll keep it short and sweet, like us! ;)

Oleg and I got engaged a little over a year ago, soon after we started looking for our first home together.

House hunting was a very different experience for us both. While Oleg has had years of real estate experience - buying, fixing, renting, and managing, this was my first rodeo and I was completely clueless and at the same time extremely picky about everything! We looked at so many houses, but couldn't find a single one we both liked (but this is a story for another time..).

*Que in "The Cookie-Cutter House"*

I truly believe this house was sent to us from Above. Before we even looked at it in person, we fell in love with how cute it was from the outside! We called it “The Cookie-Cutter House” because it seemed like the kinda house you would want to run home to after school because mom has cookies baking in the oven... it's a vibe, and we loved it!

We signed the papers and the house was officially ours on February 2, 2020! That’s also when we decided to create our Instagram account @newlynested_ . We wanted document the process so we could look back later on as well as to share with our friends and family.

Life has brought many changes this past year, but we are grateful for each one because they have brought us here. Our hopes are that this space, our online home, becomes a source of inspiration for you… whether you are here to see our recent projects and DIYs, ask a question, or simply a fellow homebody.

Thank you for following along as we share our experience, and hopefully encourage and inspire you along the way!

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May God bless you!❤️


So excited for you both!! God bless😁😁

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